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Felt Shoe


Purnima Collection is a Government Registered, private company, specializing in the manufacturing of felt handicrafts. We have been in operation since 2000. Our goal is to train up people who are currently living with a physical handicap, and also woman from rural villages, and low income parts of the city. By using their new found skills these valuable people can produce felt handicrafts which we present to local and international marketers. Many of these people are homebound due to physical impairments and unable to seek employment elsewhere. The craft design incorporates both traditional and modern designs using the age old tradition of felting.

In Nepal felt handicrafts are a common sight on our colorful streets, as they make great gifts and souvenirs to the thousands of tourists visiting annually. My desire is to meet the need for excellent quality souvenirs while creating jobs for low income woman, and the physically disabled. That is why I have created the Purnima Collection.
Not only does Purnima Collection give the people an employment opportunity, it also empowers them with purpose and a stable form of income. This gives them a positive social standing in society and also within their family. What a blessing it is to have a respectable and dignified way of providing for your family&rsquos needs!
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