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Felt Shoe

About Us

Purnima Collection is a Government registered, private company, specializing in the import and export of felt handicrafts.We are exporting a range of quality products hand made in Nepal since its establishment in 2000. Purnima collection is the beauty of nepalese handicfarts  where many company and individual are selling thier products to the outside worlds in very resonable price.Our products are made by the experts of skillfull hands and 100%free from child-labor whom we select carefully under our strict supervision.We strive towards excellence in all aspects of our business and are committed to delivering  the best and unique products at the most resonable prices to our valuable customers.

In Nepal felt handicrafts are a common sight on our colorful streets, as they make great gifts and souvenirs to the thousands of tourists visiting annually. Purnima Collection touch of hand made quality craftsmanship aiming to develop traditional Nepali Handicraft  such as felt shoes, felt bags, felt ball mat ,hats and accessories, etc. that can help to improve the standard of living of rural and urban low income families and the future of so many children . Purnima Collection was established to coordinate the production & marketing of Nepalese handicrafts ensuring the best practices are employed by all parties and all involved strive towards fair trade (Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, which seek greater equity in international trade. Purnima Collection contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers) and environmental principles. We encourage producers to engage in environmentally friendly practices that manage and use local resources sustainable.Purnima Collection also encourages the production and development of products based on producers cultural traditions adapted for Western markets. We are looking forward to co-opreate together with so many small and big traders in a very trustworthy way.

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